Web Design: Principles

Creating beautiful websites that connect with and engage your customers


There are almost limitless possibilities of how a website can look, what your content says about your business and how users find their way about your site.

However with so much information available on the internet your website needs to quickly get the attention of your visitors and potential customers.

So to meet the needs of your business and your customers in an engaging website we like to follow four guiding principles in our web design process:

  • Business and customer focus
  • Beautiful and engaging design
  • Responsive for modern browsing
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Business And Customer Focus

Your website needs to communicate what you do, simply and instantly as soon as visitors land on your home page.

It must meet your visitors needs for clear, engaging and relevant content.

It must provide your visitors with easy calls to action so they can connect further with your information, products and services.


Beautiful And Engaging Design

We like to design beautiful websites that engage your visitors and are easy to navigate.

We work with you to design a website that reflects your brand. 

When users arrive at your homepage they will take in your logo, strap line, colours, fonts, layout and content to get a feel about what you do and the kind of company you are.


Responsive For Modern Browsing

Your website needs to work not break no matter how your visitors access the internet!

We use responsive layouts that adapt to different web browsers, screen sizes and user interfaces.

So no matter if your customer is on a Mac or PC a tablet or a mobile phone they will still be able to engage with your content and continue surfing.


Search Engine Optimisation

When a customer searches for a product or service like yours you want your website to to rank high on the results.

We build the this into our design process to help you improve your content.

Concrete5 simplifies the process of using keywords descriptions and meta tags to improve your SEO rankings.